Selling at Auction

Devin Moisan Auctioneers, Inc. is always interested in quality consignments for upcoming sales.

Whether you are selling a collection, the contents of an estate or an individual item, we would welcome the chance to explain our services and competitive consignment rates to you.

When it is time to sell your property, Devin Moisan Auctioneers' proven marketing ability, attention to detail and dedication to customer service will insure not only that you maximize the value of your property but that the process will be conducted and completed with efficiency and professionalism.

Why sell at auction?

The auction method is and has long been the most efficient method to determine the true market value of an object. It brings the property of sellers and buyers together in a public forum, that through the process of competitive bidding, yields the most accurate indication of fair market value. This is especially true in the case of large collections or estates, which may contain a multiple of different and unique objects. The logic behind this is very simple, in a private sale, the price is negotiated between the seller and one or perhaps a few buyers. In this case the seller is responsible for judging both the level of interest and the fairness of price received from the buyer. The advantage that the auction method provides to the seller is that in a competitive bidding environment, buyers are forced to compete with each other until a maximum price is achieved. The seller does not need to try to establish the fair market value of the items, it will be determined by the market, each potential buyer bidding according to their own level of interest.

Items promoted properly through auction reach a large group of potential buyers. Devin Moisan Auctioneers promotes items through our national database of public and private institutions, collectors, antiques dealers and the general public, who receive notices of items included in our upcoming auctions as well as extensive advertising in international trade publications, local papers and the internet.

Inventory Control & Payment

When items are consigned for auction, Devin Moisan Auctioneers' staff complete an inventory of the items on a consignment agreement at the time the items are received by the auction house. Items are then individually marked with a consignor number, this is a small unobtrusive sticker with a number that is specific to the owner of the property. When an item is catalogued or goes to auction, the consignor number is recorded together with a description of the item or lot (similar items sold together). Post auction, the seller receives a statement listing each item or lot and the price for which it sold. This statement, together with payment is sent 35 days from the completion of sale.


Our commission rates are quoted on an individual basis. They are very competitive and may vary depending upon a number of factors including the value of a potential consignment. For a specific quote please contact us, so that together we may determine your particular needs.

Services Provided

(or if you prefer, you may make an appointment to meet with us at our office in Epping, New Hampshire)

Our team of experienced movers will pack and transport your items from your home to our warehouse, where they will remain until the time of sale.

There are no additional charges for the photographing of items appearing in our full color brochures or on our website.

In addition to our national database of antiques dealers and collectors who receive our upcoming auction notifications, we also commonly advertise upcoming sales in the following print & online publications:

  • and other local newspapers and trade papers.

These are just some of the services which we offer. As each client's situation is different, we strive to work individually with our clients, discussing their specific needs and developing solutions.